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There are many different thoughts of how to change the future, and at LOWENCO, we are designing some of them with our cold storage facilities.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of cold storage facilities, and we have formed a strategy on how to change the expensive, inefficient, and non-environmental friendly temperature controlled storage. The solution has been developed under the brand names CON20 and LSSU and more cold storage facilities are under development.

At LOWENCO, we produce high-end cold storage facilities, refrigerated units, and freezers from well-known quality components in our facilities in Denmark, but we are also able to deliver custom-made freezers and cold storage facilities where GMP guidelines must be applied worldwide.

We have strong experience with cold storage facilities for high demand markets like the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. We are performing Factory Acceptance Tests including performance tests documented according to customer requirements and to GDP.

Creating a better world – one unit at a time

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

At LOWENCO, we believe that we all have a common responsibility to make the world a better place. Read more about how we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the link below.

Our values

We are building our daily operations on our core values:

  • Responsibility: We believe that we all have a common responsibility to make the world a better place to live.
  • Sustainability: We commit to sustainability in every action we take to protect society, the environment, and our employees.
  • Rethinking innovation: We see innovation as a continuous and ongoing process.
  • Teamwork: We are creating success through team efforts; therefore, right competences are essential for the future development of LOWENCO.
  • Competences: We hire passionate people with profound knowledge and understanding of “the human factors.”

Our Vision & Mission statement

Our vision is to support the pharma & biotech industry and a more sustainable world through transformative ultra-low temperature storage solutions

We want to be part of creating a better world – one unit at a time

Customer Satisfaction

It is essential for us to create the foundation for our future improvement in relation to our products and the company overall. We strive for high customer satisfaction and measure our success in customer satisfaction according to the company Quality Management System.

A satisfied customer is our greatest achievement.


ISO 9001: 2015 certification

LOWENCO holds an ISO 9001: 2015 certification within inspection, installation, service, repair and maintenance of refrigeration systems.

ISO 9001: 2015 is a Quality Management System, which provides an overview of our internal procedures. A Quality Management System is a management tool for streamlining our activities and thereby creating the best possible foundation for a production process.

KMO certification
(cradle to grave refrigerant handling)

KMO – Kølebranchens MiljøOrdning – is a union appointed by the Danish Ministry of Environment to manage correct refrigerant usage, reporting and recycling/disposal. Being a part of KMO ensures that the refrigerants are handled correctly both during usage and disposal.

Since a major part of LOWENCO deliveries are connected with the usages and potentially also the discarding hereof, we ensure that the materials are handled in the most environmental friendly way in order for us to leave a green footprint.

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